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those looking to learn to trade the official forex bank trading strategy of Day Trading Forex Live then I would recommend the actual Bank Trading Course. Do you think this information would be profitable? Therefore, a rising market will induce buying pressure and a falling market will induce selling pressure. The defined rate will be applied on the following trading day. What comes after this period of accumulation? If Bank XYZ desires to buy a large position in the EUR/USD, using the principal discussed above they must find an equal amount of selling pressure. N/A, n/A 10'000 30 45, n/A, n/A 25'000.5, n/A, n/A 50' ' '000.

Who is Smart Money? Retail traders are figurative flies on the wall. As discussed above banks are the ones moving this market, and therefore if you can identify the position they are accumulating, then you can identify which direction the market will move next with a high degree of accuracy. Through this article I have marked out this 3 step process on a series of charts. At some point, we all need to realize that maybe its not the tens of thousands of retail forex traders that are failing, but alfa capitale forex maybe its the strategies that are flawed, as they dont factor in the largest market participant, smart money! No r"s, your Strategy, any expert advisor and strategies are allowed. Step 1: Accumulation, step 2: Manipulation, step 3: Distribution/Market Trend. This is the foundation to how the banks enter positions over time. Putting Forex In Perspective No doubt this strategy is very different from anything you have been using. Every day the banks repeat the same 3 step process.

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